Montessori Solid Oak Number Board


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Designed to go alongside my Alphabet Board. It is compatible with many resources including those provided by Twinkl.

The Montessori method is that be repeating things physically they build up a muscle memory and eventually that will become second nature and a writing habit when they put pen to paper.

Our number boards are made from solid European Oak. It starts a rough wood, is then planed smooth, then sanded even smoother before being carved. It is then sanded again before being finished with a toy safe finishing oil. The boards are fully compliant with regulations and are UKCA (CE) Certified.

Our letter boards are 39cm long and 7.5cm wide and come with a wooden stylus.

They have so many different uses. If you look on Pinterest for Montessori number boards you will find lots of ideas. Just a few:
– trace numbers with a finger
– trace numbers with a small stick
– put small seeds, pom-poms, rice in the numbers
– put paper over to do rubbings and then get the children to write the number inside the rubbing
– games Can you find the …?
– Use pipecleaners to make a shape that fits in to the number
– cover some numbers – Which letter comes next?

It is a multi sensory way of learning and it works on the motor skills and muscle memory needed to be able to form numbers correctly consistently.

Wood is a natural product and every piece is different and has it’s own character. These are individually made so no two items are identical. The one you receive may look slightly different to the one pictured due to the differences in wood grain.


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